Hi, I’m Kelly Spiggle the Girlfriend’s Guru. I started this vision in 2012 after my mother passed away. Sometimes the transformational journey can be lonely. My goal in life is to help people that are going through any type of transformation process know that they’re not alone. 

If you peel back a butterfly’s wings for them, they cannot fly on their own. I will be that person next to you guiding you through your caterpillar stage to your cocoon stage and finally to your butterfly stage where you can find your wings and fly.

I do this through small group yoga classes, 1-on-1 mentoring in person or online and yearly retreats to help you design a life you love. I’m also excited to launch my podcast about talk, travel and transformation very soon!

I curate these experiences for all my wonderful girlfriends because when I find something I love the thing I love even more is sharing it with another girlfriend.


“When I take the time and commit to myself by going to Kelly’s yoga classes, I feel more connected to myself and also feel a greater connection to the people I am surrounded by.” - Lavi

“Kelly Spiggle Is a spirited and enthusiastic yoga teacher.  Her knowledge of movement and chakra alignment and energy fields gives her students a full body experience.  Her keen intuition allows her to feel the need of each individual participant making the yoga experience personalized and healing.  Combined with her love of essential oils all of the student ’s sense are engaged as well.  Her sound healing and yoga Nedra classes are soothing and calming.  She puts her heart and soul into every experience.  Kelly cares about the individual experience of each student making the yogi and teacher relationship real and transforming for both people.” - Tracy P